Enterprise Request Management: The Technology (New White Paper)

A new white paper is now available for download, which details the technology requirements for ERM. This expands upon the ERM Overview white paper, which outlined the ERM approach and benefits, by specifying the technology components required for an ERM implementation.

Enterprise Request Management Technology White PaperThe three core architectural components of ERM, as noted in the white paper, are:

  • Request management portal software (to build the unified web front-end for all types of requests);
  • Workflow automation software (the orchestration engine to support automation for approvals, scheduling, and other fulfillment tasks); and
  • Core enterprise and departmental applications that house the data which must be updated for request fulfillment, tracking and costing.

The good news is that many enterprises will have significant portions of this technology already in place. Implementing ERM is therefore a matter of filling in application gaps and connecting these new components to core management and control systems. Leveraging key applications and platforms already in place helps minimize the time, cost, and disruption of implementing enterprise-wide service request capabilities.

The white paper details the technology components required within each of the seven core areas of ERM, and concludes “The end result of the ERM approach is faster service delivery and reduced costs for the enterprise; unified service item design and control across functional departments for process owners and managers; and a simpler, frustration-free experience for service requesters.”

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