The ERM Infographic is Getting Around

As interest in the enterprise request management (ERM) model expands, an increasing number of infographic-sharing sites are showcasing the ERM infographic.

According to a recent Gartner report, a growing number of enterprises are acknowledging the need to redesign internal service delivery processes with the needs of business users in mind; to offer employees the same level of intuitive online self-service options they provide to customers; and to automate back-end fulfillment processes in ways that both delight users and reduce costs. All are hallmarks of ERM.

While that report doesn’t reference ERM, these sites have picked on the term and illustrate how the concept, how it works, and its cost-saving benefits.

Infographic Journal - ERMEnterprise request management (ERM) is a business process improvement approach that provides employees within large companies or government agencies with a single portal from which…(more)

Vizual Archive - What is Enterprise Request Management?Enterprise Request Management is a business efficiency strategy. It manages, automates, and centralizes business processes and service requests. Basically, it ensures that business processes get done and service requests are…(more) - ERM InfographicEnterprise request management (ERM) is a vendor-neutral business process improvement strategy for enabling employees to easily request any service, product or resource needed to do their jobs. It simplifies…(more)

Love Infographics - ERMEnterprise request management (ERM) is a model for simplifying, accelerating, and reducing the cost of providing employees in large organizations with all of the items and services they need to do their jobs…(more)

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  2. Tom - June 5, 2014 5:11 pm

    Here’s another spot where the infographic appeared. “Here’s a dandy reminder that there are scores (or hundreds) of aspects of business that are important to the organization, add cost and complexity, but probably have little impact on the customer.” Link:


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