Enterprise Request Management: The Process (New White Paper)

A new white paper is now available for download, which provides a step-by-step guide to implementing an enterprise request management (ERM) strategy. The new paper serves as the “third leg of the stool,” complementing the ERM Technology and ERM Overview white papers, to explain how ERM works, how to implement it, and what software components are required for success.

ERM - The Process white paperThis paper summarizes the ERM concept and benefits, describes how to approach ERM, and provides a concrete action plan to adopting ERM.

One key to successfully embracing ERM is to start small. As the paper notes, though the scope of this model is enterprise-wide, it’s best to start with one or a few simple but common (or particularly painful) service tasks: redesign fulfillment processes from the end user or customer’s standpoint, map out the steps, automate where possible, test, measure, and improve.

As business users begin to see value, expand the ERM implementation to include more processes and more complex service offerings—those involving not only multiple steps by also crossing functional lines. As business managers and process owners begin to see the benefits of ERM, they will want to become involved in creating their own service items, maximizing the success of this strategy.

Taking an incremental, agile approach to ERM adoption provides several benefits, including:

  • Minimizing the investments of time and budget required in the early stages.
  • Providing fast time to value and “quick wins” that demonstrate the value of the ERM approach.
  • Enabling the initial project team to be kept small, thus maximizing odds of success.

The size of the team can be expanded as the number of service items grows and more shared-services departments get involved in the process redesign and request fulfillment operations.

Download this new white paper, Enterprise Request Management: The Process to learn more about how ERM can serve as the “glue” that unifies service request fulfillment across the enterprise, regardless of your organization’s level of request management maturity.


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