It All Starts Up Front – How to Optimize the Request Management Experience

The enterprise request management (ERM) approach offers numerous benefits, including assured first-time fulfillment, faster service delivery, and reduced service delivery costs.

Happy ERM userBut the value of ERM starts up front, with the user experience. Providing users with a single centralized Web interface to request any type of service, equipment, supplies, or resources, eliminates the need for them to learn,  use  and navigate multiple systems. This approach improves productivity, saves money, and makes for happier employees.

To optimize the user experience, the ERM portal should provide the following capabilities:

  • The ability to reflect corporate branding and design principles; functional can also be beautiful.
  • The flexibility to display any type of service item, from IT service requests and incident reporting to conference room reservations, PTO requests, and even complex services like new employee onboarding.
  • The ability to selectively integrate with other systems (for example, displaying only the required fields from an IT service management form or selected items from a vendor catalog).
  • Uniformly excellent user experience on any screen size or device type.
  • Dynamic questioning; the ability for questions to change based on answers to previous questions(for example, required follow-on questions when an iPad is requested include screen size,  memory,  and connectivity options).
  • Login-based intelligence; the system should prepopulate “known” data fields based on the user login (name,  phone number,  email address,  etc.) and display only service items available to that user (e.g., a manager will have rights to request payroll changes for employees in that specific department).
  • The ability for users to view the current status of outstanding requests at any time.
  • The ability to automatically send customized email alerts based on certain conditions (e.g., letting an employee know that a product has shipped,  or reminding a manager to approve a request).

A final benefit of optimizing the user experience is increased adoption. Users will seek ways to work around cumbersome systems, but will embrace tools that are easy to use and simplify their lives. That user enthusiasm will in turn encourage departmental managers to utilize the ERM portal for offering their services. Ultimately adopting ERM across the organization maximizes the value  of the approach for both employees and the enterprise.

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