Top Functions Using ITSM – Beyond IT

As noted here previously, enterprise request management (ERM) is valuable in human resources (HR), in other functional areas like maintenance and transportation, and for complex cross-department processes like new employee onboarding. By extending the concept of the IT service catalog across the enterprise, as a true business service catalog that provides employees with one intuitive portal for requesting any type of shared service, ERM is one example (though a key one) of using IT service management (ITSM) tools and concepts beyond IT.

So how widespread is the application of ITSM beyond IT? And which departments are embracing ITSM technology and principles?

A new report jointly published by HDI and itSMF USA, Service Management: Not Just for IT Anymore, provides extensive data and insights to answer these questions. According to the study, “More than half of the organizations surveyed are either applying or planning to apply service management principles in business areas outside of IT.” And ERM is a primary driver:

“Request management was the most frequently cited business need. As an area of importance to both IT and the business, the need for request management touches both general ITSM functional areas and specific business specialties. In fact, the vast majority of the requests are actually related to a business function, not an internal IT need.”

Topping the list of “other business functions,” not surprisingly, is customer service and support; the function most similar to the internal IT service desk, where service catalogs originated. But as the charts below illustrate, ITSM tools and principles are also extensively being used by HR, facilities, finance, and training functions.

Which functions beyod IT are embracing ITSM

Organizations that embrace ITSM software and practices in shared service functions beyond IT can reduce service delivery costs, improve service quality, and increase productivity. Having the right technology in place to support an ERM approach is vital to realizing these benefits.


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