Employee Productivity

How to Improve Employee Engagement and Profitability (Think Customer Service)

The U.S. stock markets are reaching new highs as the 2008 economic crisis and the slow recovery that followed give way to record profits. But that profitability has come at a cost in employee engagement that could make it difficult for many enterprises to continue to grow profitably. That’s the[…]

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Five Ways ERM Improves Employee Productivity

The enterprise request management (ERM) approach—combining a single intuitive web portal with back-end service delivery process automation, giving employees one place to request anything needed to do their jobs—provides several benefits to organizations. An ERM strategy reduces service delivery costs while ensuring first-time fulfillment and leveraging technology and knowledge in[…]

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The Other ERM: Enterprises Recruiting Millennials

Millennials will significantly increase their proportion of and importance to the enterprise workforce over the coming decade. They bring with them different expectations about the nature and structure of work, the use of technology, and work-life balance issues than preceding generations. Yet many organizations remain woefully unprepared for this influx.[…]

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