The Enterprise Request Management (ERM) Infographic

Enterprise Request Management (ERM) is, as the infographic below states, a business-efficiency strategy that’s a holistic approach to centralizing and automating business processes and service requests. ERM helps to ensure first-time fulfillment, which means lower costs and happier customers.

With ERM, employees get a single, intuitive web-based interface for ordering any type of service (from resetting a password to repainting a conference room) or equipment (from staplers to servers…and beyond) from any functional department, or group of departments. It’s like within the enterprise.

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Enterprise Request Management Infographic

With ERM, users can place requests and monitor the progress of their existing requests at any time, from anywhere, using any device. There is no training required, and no need for users to be concerned with what happens “behind the scenes” to fulfill their requests, or to manually manage their requests, approvals, and deliverables.

Many of the underlying tasks, such as approvals and scheduling, are automated. The result is faster, less costly, more accurate fulfillment. The company saves money and keeps its employees happy and productive. Costs are automatically calculated and allocated to the appropriate departmental budget. Quantitative and qualitative reporting even supports continual process improvement.

ERM is important because support calls are costly. Handing common requests, not just in IT but across departments, using self-service and back-end automation saves money. The ROI of ERM can be calculated by multiplying the cost savings per automated service by the number of service requests processed, then diving those cumulative savings by the total cost of ownership of an ERM implementation.

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