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Learn more about the ERM concept, technology requirements, and implementation process.

Enterprise Request Management: An Overview

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As social media, ecommerce, and mobile web access have become nearly ubiquitous, expectations for service delivery inside of organizations (business enterprises, government agencies, healthcare provides, universities and other entities) have changed. Employees expect the same ease and efficiency in the internal service (anything from a PTO request to provisioning a project team) or equipment (staplers to servers) request and delivery process as they experience in the consumer world. Download the ERM Overview white paper.


Enterprise Request Management: The Technology

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The Enterprise Request Management (ERM) model offers a superior alternative to the typical department- or function-centric approach to service request management from both the business (cost) and user perspectives. A single, intuitive request portal serves as system of engagement between service requestors and the data within core departmental or enterprise departmental software.  Connecting the portal to the core business systems is workflow automation software, which leverages their capabilities for ERM. Download the ERM Technology white paper.


Enterprise Request Management: The Process

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Though the scope of Enterprise Request Management (ERM) is broad, implementation needn’t be difficult, expensive, time-consuming or disruptive. ERM can be implemented incrementally by starting with one or a few processes and expanded as the concept proves its value. Also, because ERM leverages in-place systems, additional technology and training investment requirements are often modest. This white paper provides concrete steps to guide you through the ERM implementation process. Download the ERM Process white paper.


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