ERM Technology White Paper

ERM Technology White Paper

Learn more about the technology requirements for an ERM implementation, including both the new components typically required and how existing core enterprise and departmental applications can be leveraged.

Enterprise Request Management: The Technology

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Commonly, in shared-service environments, each functional department—IT, HR, facilities, marketing, accounting, etc.—has its own systems for managing business services delivery. While convenient for each service area, this approach forces service requestors to navigate a labyrinth of disparate systems and processes.

The Enterprise Request Management (ERM) model offers a superior approach from both the business (cost) and user perspectives. A single, intuitive request portal serves as system of engagement between service requestors and the data within core departmental or enterprise departmental software. Connecting the portal to the core business systems is an orchestration engine which automatically manages approvals, scheduling, and fulfillment task workflows.

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